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Oct 30, 2020

Fold Your Jeans the Easy Way

Folding clothes seems like a simple task to do, yet sometimes you just don’t feel like doing so. Before you know it, your wardrobe ends up being a giant mess. Question is, who wants to wake up earlier in the morning just to spare a solid 10 minutes looking for a pair of jeans? Sure you don’t.

Folding your jeans not only makes finding the right pair easy, but it also decreases wrinkles and frees up some space in your wardrobe for new pairs. But again, you would want to fold your jeans quickly and most importantly, easily. And that’s why we’re glad to help you with these easy options to fold your jeans.

The Marie Kondo Way

You probably have heard of this one, so let’s go straight to the steps:

  1. Lay the jeans out flat in front of you.

  2. Fold them in half, placing one leg on top of the other with the back pockets facing out.

  3. Fold the crotch in (you can skip this part if you’re in a hurry).

  4. Fold the bottom of the jeans up towards the waistband.

  5. Roll from the bottom up, so you have a rectangle that stands upright. You’re all set!

The Martha Stewart Way

Here’s another easy way to fold your jeans:

  1. Lay the jeans out flat.

  2. Fold one leg over the other.

  3. Fold the bottoms of the jeans up to the bottom of the pocket.

  4. Then, fold again. There you have it!

We hope this post really helps you out. Share with us on Instagram if you decide to try one of these ways of folding jeans. Or, if you have your own signature way, please do let us know!

Written by: Paramita Gotami

Edited by: Cindy Tanoto 

by mondayblues

Sep 29, 2020

The Black Jeans Effect

Trends may come and go, but jeans are forever. As such, investing in your favorite jeans with a comfortable fit is definitely a good idea. Plus, they are everlasting━made from denim fabric which lasts a very long time, they definitely won’t disappoint. You can look up our jeans care blog post for tips to make your jeans more everlasting!

Every pair of jeans has its own beauty, but among them, there is this one pair that holds the greater power: The Skinny Black Jeans. As we all know, black is that color on which we always rely. It is so versatile it can be formal or casual, following the occasion. You can dress it up, you can dress it down; the probability is endless.

Black Skinny Jeans Casual & Formal Outfits

Photos credit: Pinterest

On the practical side, black color hides stains very well. You’ll never know what your day would bring, but wearing black jeans can provide you a sense of security even if you get caught in the rain, or accidentally spill coffee on them. You can even wear the same black jeans over and over again and no one would tell the difference━that’s how practical they are!

Yes, black jeans are amazing. But why should it be the skinny fit? If you didn’t realize, skinny jeans are the fashion staple that have stood the test of time. You can easily style them with any tops, from button-on shirts for work to lace crop tops for night out. You can also pair them with any kind of shoes and you will instantly look put together. In short, skinny jeans are timeless. And when they come in black, the most versatile color of all, the pair could conquer the world.

Black Skinny Jeans Outfits

Photos credit: Pinterest

Now, let’s stop there. Do you need any more reason to get a pair of skinny black jeans? Or even if you already have it, is there really a reason why you can’t get more? One is never enough, and you know you’ll love them ;)

Written by: Paramita Gotami
Edited by: Cindy Tanoto

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Aug 31, 2020

Why You Need at Least One Pair of Biker Shorts

There’s a reason why our Chloe Biker Jeans are well sought after, and that biker shorts in general are still in trend even in 2020. From Chanel to Kim Kardashian, everyone loves them. What’s so special about them? We’re glad to explain.

As the name suggests, biker shorts were originally made for cycling. In the late 1800s, bicycles gained attention as the preferred transportation. During the time, riders would wear their everyday outfits—for women, this meant long dresses with big skirts—quite a challenge, can you imagine? Hence, the riders began to develop and wear homemade wool shorts.

Then again, you must know how thick wool is? You’ll get sweaty easily and this problem got serious by the 1940s, when cycling became a recreational activity and bicycle races became popular. Since then, the wool has been replaced with silk, nylon, polyester, Lycra, and even jeans that you get to see now.

You might think it was the Kardashians who brought the biker shorts trend back in 2019, but it was actually the Late Princess Diana of Wales. Often photographed in her colorful spandex and oversized sweatshirts, she sparked the transition of biker shorts, from activewear into the daily wardrobe.

Since Virgil Abloh’s paid homage to Princess Diana in Off-White’s Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear show, the biker shorts have been seen everywhere, from celebrities to street style. And for the time being, the trend isn’t planning to go anywhere.

You see, the biker shorts once freed women from the norm of “proper” dressing. Not to forget that they were popularized by a legend in our lifetime, Princess Diana. What’s not to like about them?

Now, have you gotten your Chloe Biker Jeans? The perfect stretchy comfortable knee-length jeans for your stay at home, a casual trip outside, and even some light exercise. Go get them before they’re gone! You’ll most definitely fall in love.

Written by: Paramita Gotami
Edited by: Cindy Tanoto

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Jul 28, 2020

New Jeans Without Spending Money?

As time goes by, it’s only natural we get bored with our basic skinny jeans. Problem is, we don’t have a heart to toss them away, because good quality jeans last a long long time. However, wearing the same outfit over and over again for years may seem like a waste of space in your wardrobe for something new... Well, well.
Now, how does a jeans makeover sound?

I’m sure as our #mbarmy, you must have seen our bestselling Carrie or Belle and how stunning they are with the frayed hem and distressed finish. Now here’s a tip for all of you, grab your gears, it’s time to give that stunning distressed touch to your old pair of jeans and make it look like a new one again, what do you say? All you need is a cheese grater and of course, your jeans.

How to: Distressed Hem

If your “fashion designer sense” tells you to distress the hem, then these are the steps you need to do:
1. Open the seam of your hem. Use scissors to cut upward along the inseam, as shown below. Stop the cut right above the stitching.

2. Snip along the thread of the hem using the tip of the scissors.

3. Once the hem is opened, you need to cut the length of your jeans depending on how cropped you want them to be and what style you are going for!

Below are for your inspirations!

4. The most fun part; use the cheese grater to distress your newly raw hem! Hello to a new pair of jeans!

How to: Distressed Effect

If you’re down for more distressed effects, you can always use the cheese grater on any part of the jeans that you want. Don’t worry, grating the jeans won’t create holes (unless, well, you grate them to be ripped intentionally), so it’s safe if you’re not up to showing some skin.

Enjoy your new jeans! We’d really like to see how creative you got with your old pair, so pop us some photos via our instagram! See you on our next update!

Written by: Paramita Gotami
Edited by: Cindy Tanoto

by mondayblues

Jun 29, 2020

The Perfect Pair: Jeans+Shoes

Jeans are always in trend and the fact that they can be combined with any kind of shoes makes them so versatile and a wardrobe-must-have. A study discovered that women own an average of eight pairs of jeans and wear one of them at least once a week. That’s how amazing jeans are!

But wait, do you know that not all jeans look perfect with all types of shoes? So don’t make the mistake of just throwing on any pair of shoes to look your best in your jeans. Just like us human, every pair of jeans has its perfect pair. Since it’s rude to separate a match made for each other, let us give you some heads-up!

Skinny Jeans

Tip: roll up once if you opt for pointy flats or leave the jeans length as they are for sneakers!

Boyfriend/Mom Jeans

Tip: roll up twice or even thrice because boyfriend and mom jeans are meant to look chic!

Straight Leg/Culotte Jeans

Tip: there are so many styles of ballet flats; you can even elevate your look with loafers!

Bootcut Jeans

Tip: you can always switch between kitten and platform heels depending on the length of your jeans.

Now you know how to style your look even more flattering in your favorite jeans. Our tips above will certainly save so much time if you are running late, but there’s always room for experiments, wouldn’t you say? Tag us to show off your style because we’d like to see how you pair your favorite jeans!

Written by: Paramita Gotami
Edited by: Cindy Tanoto

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May 29, 2020

How to Make Your Jeans Bigger

It’s only the month of May but quarantine has already gotten the best of us. Many of us are complaining of getting “chubbier” after staying home for months and there’s seriously nothing wrong with that. We should keep in mind that every body is beautiful, but what if your favorite jeans do not fit anymore?
The answer is easy: you make them slightly bigger. Here’s how!

Note that these tips only work if your jeans only require a slight stretching. Jeans still don’t fit, don’t worry, embrace your body shape and get some new ones from us! We’ll make sure they’re one of the most comfortable ones you’ll have.

What You Will Need
  • Lukewarm water (moderately warm)
  • Spray bottle
  • Measuring tape
The Process (takes 15-20 mins)
1. Roughly measure the jeans’ waist part while it is buttoned (just to be sure that there is a difference before and after stretching).

2. Now unbutton the waist and place your jeans on the floor
3. Spray lukewarm water on both sides until they are completely soaked.

4. Identify a spot near your waist, at the front and the back.
5. Stand on the pockets and start pulling it from one side first.
6. Repeat this at least 10 to 15 times, or as needed.
7. Now take the final measurement, and check if the jeans' waist has changed.
8. Try your jeans on! You should see a difference in the way they fit.

If you are trying to stretch it lengthwise, select a spot that is a little below the knee because it’s easier and faster to deal with. Stand on the drier patch of the jeans, and pull it away from the floor using both hands.

And there you have it! We hope these tricks do your jeans wonder so you can still wear them comfortably. Let us know if you try it; tag us on Instagram!

Written by: Paramita Gotami
Edited by: Cindy Tanoto

by mondayblues

Apr 29, 2020

Make Your Jeans Your Own

Being home for months could be a challenge for us to stay entertained and productive. You might have done all kinds of cooking and binge-watched every K-drama there is, but here is something else you could do!

We listed down 6 easy DIY ideas you can try on your jeans. There will only be one unique pair in the world, and it will give your old pair of jeans a new look: double kill!
Now, let’s get creative, shall we?

1. Pocket Painting

Add some color to your jeans by painting them. You can buy the supplies you need online and find some step-by-step tutorial videos to guide you! It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get creative and make a unique pair of your own!

2. Stuffed Cuffs

If you like your jeans to be cuffed, it’s time to decorate them as well! There are so many options from pearls, pom-pom, studs, even Batik fabric to be attached to your jeans cuffs.

3. Statement Jewels

Because jewels are a girl’s best friend, best to put some on your jeans too. There are endless possibilities to play with those accessories on the denim fabric!

4. Fabric Patches

You must have clothes you won’t wear anymore. Put them on good use to add personal touch to your jeans. Upcycle your old clothings and give your jeans a fresh look! You can google “clothing upcycling” for more tips.

5. Embroidery

Ready for a harder challenge? Develop new skills and learn to embroider your jeans. You have all the time in the world, it’s the best time to up some skills! You could also do some DIY embroidery on rips to cover them up!

6. Scarf as Belt

If stitching and sewing are not your thing, you can opt for this very easy way to make your jeans your own. Simply attach a scarf/bandana to the waist line and you’re good to go!

Now that we have given you some ideas, it’s time to make the most of the quarantine and jeans! Tag us with your creative jeans DIY on instagram We’d love to see them! Until the next post!

Written by: Paramita Gotami
Edited by: Cindy Tanoto

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