Hello from Monday Blues

by mondayblues on Mar 8, 2017

Hello Everyone!

First things first, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and loving our Monday Blues denim wear collection. Monday Blues is our first brainchild, and we are sure to treat our clothing line with abundant love and placed in extra effort to not neglect the details in all of our creations. A lot of time, resources and manpower has been allocated in the designs and production of the jeans to ensure absolute comfort, quality, and style, just for you.

At Monday Blues, we start the manufacturing in our factory with the formulation of our perfect jeans sewing pattern and cutting. Our skilled pattern makers give our sample continuous alteration to ensure that all the type of jeans we produce is the best fit for you. We affixed a tremendous amount of time in researching just to create the perfect patterns. After satisfying our standards, our jeans is then passed on to the next in line, our experienced tailors. The denim are marked, cut and sewn together perfectly. We then create variation to our jeans to suit the current trend. Our raw denim are then washed, whiskered and scrubbed down with different methods to give the perfect rips, fades and colours desired. Our final step is strict quality control before adding the hardwares onto our jeans.

It is all in the details. From every detail visible by eyes, to every tiny detail people don't normally pay attention to, we have walked the extra mile. Starting from the type of stitchings used, to our buttons, rivets, and leather tags, we pledge to never take the details of our jeans lightly.

We are extremely passionate in creating the perfect jeans just for you, and in return we hope that you love them too. 

To order our jeans, go ahead and place your order on our website. Or if you would prefer to do them manually, contact us at:
Whatsapp: 081288681902
Line: @mondayblues (with @)

For more questions, email us at info@itsmondayblues.com
For business inquiries, email us at mondayblues.id@gmail.com

With love,
The Founders of Monday Blues