The Right Jeans for Your Body

by mondayblues on Mar 30, 2020

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is like finding your true love. Well, you know, there are so many types of jeans out there, yet you don’t know which of them will make you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. We know how frustrating it is, so let us help you!

But first, you must know your body type.

Now, these are 5 common types of jeans and why you should have them, according to your body type:

1. Skinny Jeans

You know them. They hug your waist, hips, and legs. Yet, because they are very stretchy, you can move around freely while still giving you curves.

Match for: Hourglass, Rectangle, Triangle.
Avoid: Round, Inverted Triangle.

2. Straight Fit Jeans

Here’s to the cousin of our skinny jeans, with a looser fit after the thigh area. In other words, straight fit jeans are tight but not too tight, becoming the perfect pair of jeans if you want to showcase your figure, but not too much.

Match for: Hourglass, Rectangle, Round, Inverted Triangle.
Avoid: Triangle.

3. Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans flare out slightly starting at the knees. They look best with heeled shoes because they are usually longer than your usual jeans. It’s a plus point if they’re high waisted, accentuating a smaller waist and even longer legs. Therefore, that pair of bootcut jeans in your closet will be your best friend to make your legs look way longer.

Match for: All body types!

4. Boyfriend Jeans

The term boyfriend jeans comes from the fact that they look like your boyfriend’s jeansā¤a little baggy. Yes, they may be baggy, but don’t worry, they are actually very stylish and comfy! If you are not a big fan of tight clothing, these jeans are for you. They give you a great fit near your waist and hip area, and broaden a little bit as they move down. A good pair of boyfriend jeans will be comfortable for any activity you want to do.

Match for: Hourglass, Rectangle, Inverted Triangle, or if you have a curvy body.
Avoid: Round, Triangle, or if you are petite.

5. Culotte Jeans

Culottes are usually high-waisted and wide-legged. They are casual but can be semi-formal too. Normally, there won’t be any rips on the culottes, so they are perfect for a coverup on your legs. They are wardrobe saver, perfect to go with any top. We highly suggest you have at least a pair of them since they feel breezy on a hot sunny day!

Match for: Hourglass, Round, Inverted Triangle.
Avoid: Rectangle, Triangle.

And that’s how you find your perfect jeans. Hopefully these tips will help you in searching your next favorite Monday Blues!

Written by: Paramita Gotami
Edited by: Cindy Tanoto