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by mondayblues

Jun 29, 2020

The Perfect Pair: Jeans+Shoes

Jeans are always in trend and the fact that they can be combined with any kind of shoes makes them so versatile and a wardrobe-must-have. A study discovered that women own an average of eight pairs of jeans and wear one of them at least once a week. That’s how amazing jeans are!

But wait, do you know that not all jeans look perfect with all types of shoes? So don’t make the mistake of just throwing on any pair of shoes to look your best in your jeans. Just like us human, every pair of jeans has its perfect pair. Since it’s rude to separate a match made for each other, let us give you some heads-up!

Skinny Jeans

Tip: roll up once if you opt for pointy flats or leave the jeans length as they are for sneakers!

Boyfriend/Mom Jeans

Tip: roll up twice or even thrice because boyfriend and mom jeans are meant to look chic!

Straight Leg/Culotte Jeans

Tip: there are so many styles of ballet flats; you can even elevate your look with loafers!

Bootcut Jeans

Tip: you can always switch between kitten and platform heels depending on the length of your jeans.

Now you know how to style your look even more flattering in your favorite jeans. Our tips above will certainly save so much time if you are running late, but there’s always room for experiments, wouldn’t you say? Tag us to show off your style because we’d like to see how you pair your favorite jeans!

Written by: Paramita Gotami
Edited by: Cindy Tanoto