New Jeans Without Spending Money?

by mondayblues on Jul 28, 2020

As time goes by, it’s only natural we get bored with our basic skinny jeans. Problem is, we don’t have a heart to toss them away, because good quality jeans last a long long time. However, wearing the same outfit over and over again for years may seem like a waste of space in your wardrobe for something new... Well, well.
Now, how does a jeans makeover sound?

I’m sure as our #mbarmy, you must have seen our bestselling Carrie or Belle and how stunning they are with the frayed hem and distressed finish. Now here’s a tip for all of you, grab your gears, it’s time to give that stunning distressed touch to your old pair of jeans and make it look like a new one again, what do you say? All you need is a cheese grater and of course, your jeans.

How to: Distressed Hem

If your “fashion designer sense” tells you to distress the hem, then these are the steps you need to do:
1. Open the seam of your hem. Use scissors to cut upward along the inseam, as shown below. Stop the cut right above the stitching.

2. Snip along the thread of the hem using the tip of the scissors.

3. Once the hem is opened, you need to cut the length of your jeans depending on how cropped you want them to be and what style you are going for!

Below are for your inspirations!

4. The most fun part; use the cheese grater to distress your newly raw hem! Hello to a new pair of jeans!

How to: Distressed Effect

If you’re down for more distressed effects, you can always use the cheese grater on any part of the jeans that you want. Don’t worry, grating the jeans won’t create holes (unless, well, you grate them to be ripped intentionally), so it’s safe if you’re not up to showing some skin.

Enjoy your new jeans! We’d really like to see how creative you got with your old pair, so pop us some photos via our instagram! See you on our next update!

Written by: Paramita Gotami
Edited by: Cindy Tanoto