Why You Need at Least One Pair of Biker Shorts

by mondayblues on Aug 31, 2020

There’s a reason why our Chloe Biker Jeans are well sought after, and that biker shorts in general are still in trend even in 2020. From Chanel to Kim Kardashian, everyone loves them. What’s so special about them? We’re glad to explain.

As the name suggests, biker shorts were originally made for cycling. In the late 1800s, bicycles gained attention as the preferred transportation. During the time, riders would wear their everyday outfits—for women, this meant long dresses with big skirts—quite a challenge, can you imagine? Hence, the riders began to develop and wear homemade wool shorts.

Then again, you must know how thick wool is? You’ll get sweaty easily and this problem got serious by the 1940s, when cycling became a recreational activity and bicycle races became popular. Since then, the wool has been replaced with silk, nylon, polyester, Lycra, and even jeans that you get to see now.

You might think it was the Kardashians who brought the biker shorts trend back in 2019, but it was actually the Late Princess Diana of Wales. Often photographed in her colorful spandex and oversized sweatshirts, she sparked the transition of biker shorts, from activewear into the daily wardrobe.

Since Virgil Abloh’s paid homage to Princess Diana in Off-White’s Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear show, the biker shorts have been seen everywhere, from celebrities to street style. And for the time being, the trend isn’t planning to go anywhere.

You see, the biker shorts once freed women from the norm of “proper” dressing. Not to forget that they were popularized by a legend in our lifetime, Princess Diana. What’s not to like about them?

Now, have you gotten your Chloe Biker Jeans? The perfect stretchy comfortable knee-length jeans for your stay at home, a casual trip outside, and even some light exercise. Go get them before they’re gone! You’ll most definitely fall in love.

Written by: Paramita Gotami
Edited by: Cindy Tanoto