Lou High Waist Straight Loose Jeans

IDR 409,000.00

When creating “Lou” in our Anita Lundy collaboration, we had a vision to create comfortable jeans that allow the owner to pair any outfit with, allowing themselves to express themselves freely. With a medium blue wash and fades, our “Lou” (read: /ˈluwi) jeans finds it characteristic from its extra high waist and loosely fitted pant legs. Made with extra length, this pair of jeans give the wearer an illusion of longer looking legs. This pair of jeans was also made so, so that it could also be easily altered to a desirable length at home. Our Volume 2 Collaboration with Anita Lundy was named “Versio”, as an inspiration to reach within the versions of ourselves that is waiting to be found.

High Waist
Non Stretch
Length: 109 cm (start from size 27)
Rise: 31,5 cm (start from size 27)
Available in sizes: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36

Size 26: Waist 60 - 65 cm/ Hips up to 89 cm
Size 27: Waist 63 - 68 cm/ Hips up to 92 cm 
Size 28: Waist 67 - 74 cm/ Hips up to 94 cm
Size 29: Waist 72 - 78 cm/ Hips up to 96 cm
Size 30: Waist 74 - 80 cm/ Hips up to 98 cm
Size 31: Waist 76 - 82 cm/ Hips up to 99 cm
Size 32: Waist 78 - 84 cm/ Hips up to 101 cm
Size 33: Waist 81 - 87 cm/ Hips up to 103 cm
Size 34: Waist 84 - 90 cm/ Hips up to 104 cm
Size 35: Waist 87 - 93 cm/ Hips up to 107 cm
Size 36: Waist 91 - 94 cm/ Hips up to 111 cm

Anita is wearing size: 29
Anita's measurement:
Waist: 75 cm/ Hips: 91 cm/ Height: 160 cm

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